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Horizons Academic Lecture - Elephants in Africa
The Great Hall was packed with pupils, parents, staff and friends of the School, who came to listen to Zoologist and Conservationist, Dr Kate Evans, Beech '93.

Kate put her conservation work with young male elephants in Botswana into context so the audience understood the many economic, political, and geographical factors effecting modern conservation work. She shared with us the good news that in Botswana, the elephant population has increased in recent years due to the political will of the Government and cooperation within the community on conservation work.

The key to maintaining the elephant population in Botswana and throughout Africa was clearly outlined in Kate's lecture, with a ban on all ivory trading the most pressing issue. Kate welcomed the recent ban on ivory trading by the Chinese Government but also emphasised the need to work closely with the local community to enable them to live in harmony alongside this iconic species; to be able to protect their crops and safely collect drinking water without fear of confronting these enormous creatures.

It was a fascinating insight into the world of conservation and certainly got some of our younger pupils wanting to know what they could do to help the plight of the African elephant.
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