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Tom Moran wins top Television Festival Award
Tom Moran (Oak '05) has won one of the top prizes at the New York Television Festival. Channel 4 and Breaking Bad broadcaster, AMC are developing a sci-fi mystery drama based on Tom's Scrip "White Rabbit". The broadcasters have teamed up to offer a $20,000 (£12,700) script development fund to Tom after he was invited to the New York Television Festival to showcase his winning script from the BAFTA Rocliffe New Comdey Showcase. Tom has previously written a pilot called "Printheads" about a discgraced tabloid editor as well as novels "Dinosaurs" and "Prime Numbers"

Tom is now developing "White Rabbit" which he said had "global sclae" with a "huge cast of characters"

As if this wasn't enough Tom has also just had his latest book published, "A Debt to the Universe" which is the second book in the "Walton Cumberfield" series,
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